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  • Stuttering.

    Imagine an invisible choke leash around your neck that could be yanked at any time?

  • Being intentional.

    This is not the first new year blog post I've written. But hopefully, it'll be the most intentional.

  • Get that Pull Request merged - today.

    You've done the hard yards, that new feature or bug fix now works just as you'd like - now all that is left is to submit your Pull Request, get it landed and everyone is in profit, right?

  • Making remote work, work.

    I recently gave a lightning talk at BelfastJS on how I make working remotely, work for me. Here, I expand on some of those themes.

  • React Finland 2018

    I spent an enjoyable couple of days last week attending the inaugural React Finland conference in Helsinki.

  • Hack The Hub 2018

    I spent last weekend at Hack the Hub, a Machine Learning (ML) Hackathon in Belfast.

  • Taming your inbox

    One of my goals for 2017 was to tame my box. I feel I've been reasonably successful in doing so. Here are some pointers which helped me.

  • Thoughts on Brexit

    Growing up in Northern Ireland I was always taught that when in polite company, never discuss religion or politics as it’ll likely end in a blazing row.