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Being intentional.

This is not the first new year blog post I've written. But hopefully, it'll be the most intentional.

I turn forty years old this calendar year.

Of all the birthdays I've had so far, this upcoming one will feels like the most momentuous. All previous birthdays have marked a progression though the long period of life known as 'youth'. After turning forty, I will no longer be referred to in the third person as a 'young man' but, at best, as a 'relatively young man'. I don't know why that thought continues to loop back to me but it does.

With that in mind, I've inevitably spent time reflecting on where I am in life, both personally and professionally, and where it is I want to end up in twenty years time, when I'd hope to retire.

One of the biggest changes I've recognised I need to make is to more intentional with my time. There are always a myriad of competing priorities for my time but they are not all created equal in terms of their return on investment.

Professionally, my goal for this year is not to try and do all the things but concentrate on what will maximise my impact, both to my company and those around me.

Personally, I need to spend more time intentionally working on the body I'll need to carry me through my next forty years. I've been guilty in my first forty years of relying on the elixir of youth to allow me to indulge in all sorts of excess without ever really having to pay the piper. That now means increasing movement, mobility and strength. Being more intentional on how I fuel my body while still allowing myself to enjoy the luxuries of life here and there when the occasion calls for it.

Finally, I'd like to write more. I feel like I've rebuilt this blog more times than I've actually published a blog post worth reading.

I'm working on removing the pressure around publishing and will just write and post here with the same abandon I used to enjoy on Twitter. This post is the first step.

My fortieth birthday is in December which gives me the guts of a year to make good on these intentions. Onward!